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"God says I don't have to listen to you, nyah nyah!" - Nothing New Under The Sun
(the ARX acta diurna)
"God says I don't have to listen to you, nyah nyah!"
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julifolo From: julifolo Date: August 8th, 2006 09:13 am (UTC) (Link)

As to why

... well, that's the question. :(

A bunch of people don't want to think, want a comfortable god that shares their bigotries.

I'm interested in what religious people who *think*, and are doing the hard work -- I'd like to find a link to an essay or talk, on the order of the two speeches above that left me feeling strange -- on what whoever's religion has to say about female biology. Even if the summation amounts to "It's a mystery". It would make me feel less alienated if some stranger was feeling the same disconnect I am.

I know my logic "skills" are fuzzy. Am I wrong to conclude there's a problem here? Or am I so angry that I'm seeing dismissials where such wasn't intended? IE, in the middle of a social justice riff (which I agree with) is the implication of "that's the way god made women, get with the program".
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