September 29th, 2007


3rd People of Colour SF Carnival

For this edition of the Carnival, I tried to assemble a collection of links that would include slices of different fandoms, and which would have some of both fans and creators, both minority and majority, talking about fannish issues both general and diversity-related, to convey a sense of the dynamics and tensions out here, and to juxtapose when possible. I've also included informative links that might inspire writers and illustrators in a variety of ways.

To start with, I recently discovered Andre Norton's 1971 Android At Arms, which is a diverting-if-very-uneven futuristic take on both The Man in the Iron Mask and The Prisoner of Zenda. What makes it really unique, not just for its era, but for the genre period, is that its premise is that the royal protagonist has been kidnapped from a spacegoing empire comprised of some of the earliest of Terran colonists...who all hailed from Africa, and whose culture, legends, and names reflect this. ("The Sword of Balkis-Candace", frex, is part of the imperial regalia.) Prince Andas is repeatedly described as black, in the book. But you'd never guess that from any of the covers for it - Collapse )