January 31st, 2009


And the wheels on the Fail go round and round...

It's not really accurate to talk of any of the various manifestations of PrivilegeFail in online communities as separate, any more than the periodic aboveground outbreaks of underground coal fires represent unique events; but one of the first seismic tremors in this latest eruption was a return of the Helix horrorshow, with William Saunders taking off his pants and mooning the public one (hopefully) last time by pulling down what was left of the site after insulting still more people.

Now, you may recall that the Efficient Cause of the Helix Affair was one would-be professional writer, Luke Jackson, posting a rejection letter from Saunders which included an ethnic slur. Great effort was made by all and sundry to avoid unfairly attributing Saunders' racism to Jackson, though some of Jackson's subsequent remarks were dubious enough that I (at least) remained doubtful, though giving him the benefit of the doubt in re the interpretations. I say this not as evidence of my prescience but merely as a matter of fact, fact in this case being my own general and early-developed cynicism.

Then most of us forgot about Mr. Jackson, having our ownlives and other battles to fight...

You may also recall that there was, sometime last year or so - and I honestly don't remember when he appeared, if anyone has a date this would be useful - a porn-spamming troll called "igorsanchez" appeared on LJ. Warnings were issued, the spambot blocked, and again, most of us forgot about "igorsanchez", what with there being a lot more interesting and/or obligatory things to pay attention to.

The last few days, both Luke Jackson and "igorsanchez" have risen and converged: first, Mr. Jackson, posting as darkerblogistan started proving everything I have ever written about the Intersectionality of Hate by harrassing ktempest in grotesquely-sexual ways, getting into a flail-match with nihilistic_kid, and probably being an ass to other people I am unaware of, too. His old mask of respectable mainstream colorblindness and civility was abruptly discarded in a proud temper-tantrum about how he was being kept down by the Woman and the Blacks and all the usual complex of Persecution Obsessions demonstrated by Freepers.

Thing is, he wasn't shy about linking his LJ handle with his real name, claiming to have given up on any intentions of ever getting published by the supine liberal media blahdy blahdy blah, and so kynn went and pointed out that there was a serious disconnect in a lawyer working for a firm that supposedly helps victims of sexual harrassment, out sexually harassing people and saying stuff like this:
One of the perks of working in Koreatown with only male lawyers is that we can actually express ourselves as men are wont to do. In Korean culture the men are dominant and whereas the Korean girls are docile and submissive. Whenever I’ve worked at larger firms including female lawyers public discourse is like traversing a minefield of political correctness. Not so here, which is nice. I just hope our Korean “helping girls” (doume) aren’t corrupted by American culture and figure out they can sue us. That would be horrible.

--This resentful envy of Asian and African and Middle Eastern nations by conservative US businessmen who work overseas, because their women know their place and their men aren't compelled to pretend to be "PC"--? Really, really common. I've encountered it first hand from my own family members. This year.
So Luke Jackson/darkerblogistan upped the ante by not being content with just duking it out in comments with Kynn, but outed - or tried to out - Kynn's home address and contact info. Which is unconscionable by all civilized internet standards, even in the wildest and most saloon-like quarters of the blogosphere. With homophobic mockery, over Kynn's open queerness. (I think that counts as double-fail: first for the evilness of being an unrepentent bigot, second for the stupidity of not understanding why "UR SO GAY" doesn't work as an insult to someone who is out. Evil/Stupid - not an Exclusive-Or option!)

Meanwhile, Jackson went through a round of deleting/undeleting his LJ in his claims of being oppressed by being told to get lost, nobody likes you, you reactionary jerk, AND compounded it by joining in at several points as a cheering squad on the RaceFail '09 boat.

...Which was echoed by "igorsanchez" also making similar posts.

And whaddya know, it turns out that IP and other evidence reveals the Ockham's Razor explanation for the similarity of obsessions and content.

Luke Jackson/darkerblogistan/igorsanchez - all one and the same.

So get this: a successful, working white guy lawyer in sunny SoCal is moaning about how oppressed he is that he doesn't get to call women/gays/blacks/Asians/Latinos/everybody-else-in-the-whole-damn-world-not-a-str8-white-dude nasty names, and get paid for it, and/or face no social consequences for doing so. Even though he does it anyway.

For reals.

This is why I say that conservativism requires a kind of looking-glass mentality - and almost unbelievable levels of narcissism. And why I say that the Hates/Fears that make up conservativism - and there really isn't any difference between fiscal and social conservativism, deep down, either - are Intersectional.

And that conservativism isn't just limited to those who own themselves conservatives, either.

Question for Londoners/ex-Londoners reading~

When I visited England in the late 80's, and [white, British] people warned me that Notting Hill was kind of sketchy and I probably didn't want to go around there, was this a totally-not-at-all-coded way of not-at-all-racists telling me that there were black people there? Or just a nice, upper-middle-class bourgie inability to deal with the sort of blue-collar slightly-shabby neighborhoods that, well, I grew up in? Because it didn't *feel* any scarier when I was there, than the area I had been working in/walking in weekly back home, for the previous five years... (Being a passenger on the M25 orbital motorway, however - shudder!)

This is only semi-sarky, btw. I really am curious in retrospect, trying to translate filed-away empirical data for which Fodor's had no explanation at the time. --Like the rant of one of my hosts about the unfairness of taking away their gollies, frex. (I wasn't able at the time to say "What on earth are you TALKING about, lady? I don't have a CLUE what you just went off about, sorry!" tho' eventually I did learn that it had been the UK equivalent of white Americans whinging about the unfairness of taking away Sambo from them...)