February 15th, 2009


Quick RL question, serious tho' it sounds snarky--

Does anyone know of/has anyone had experience with, any career counseling outfits that aren't designed to help well-set bourgoisie through their mid-life crises, thereby making their advice completely irrelevant and, indeed, insultingly useless for us paycheck-to-paycheck sorts who depend on (hollow laughter) public transit and Shanks' Mare, and whose savings all went to feed the COBRA years ago?

Are there any that don't have as a base assumption/starting point for all subsequent advice, "Have enough savings to pay your bed and board and health care and tuition and transportation" or else "have someone well-enough off (and willing) to mooch all the necessities of life off of while you go back to school"--?

Because I'm not finding any, locally or (via Google) around the world, and "Think happy thoughts" seems to be all the rest of the advice they have...which is right up there with "Clap louder and Tinkerbell won't die"--