March 5th, 2009


A couple brief statements

Really brief, not just brief for me - RL has, to mince no words, been dire, and I have been spending most of the last week alternately looking desperately for another job, feeling too sick about having to go in to work to function, and trying to do something that will just possibly be salable in terms of visual art which means that I have to spend most of my time drawing until the cramps get too much, which means not a lot of time catching up on blogs, just cursory dashes in and out. Thus I missed the Peter David/Scans Daily battle, the Peter David-does-his-best-imitation-of-The-Corner thing, and the Cramer/Shetterly outing of Coffeeandink until it was all accomplished.

1. Does anyone actually *know* - not just shooting your mouth off, not just the typical non-answery asspull speculation - where the beloved conservative anecdote about "niggardly" comes from? With citations? Because at this point I'm inclined to regard it as just as apocryphal as the equally beloved conservative anecdote about the young woman whose car broke down and no one would stop to help her until she found a marker and a piece of cardboard in the back seat and made a sign that read "I AM NOT A FEMINIST" to signal that she wouldn't reject chivalrous males trying to help her.

--Not that it matters ontologically, from a debate point of view, because the remote possibility that IFF it happened at all, it happened as the Official Narrative has it - and not that it was just as innocent as Hamlet's talk of "country matters" and no more - so fucking what? One Person Says Something Stupid IRL proves what about an entire race, exactly? Only a racist would think it meant anything - again, IFF it did happen. And given the risk of ZOMG someone might misinterpret a really obscure archaic word that just happens to sound like a common insult and get mad at me if I use it! vs I might get shot for obeying the police and putting my hands up or taking out my driver's license, anyone complaining about it comes off as a clueless wuss of the first water. But as a meme-documenter of the "where DOES this shit come from?" and how do memes (like the "NOT A FEMINIST" fable, or the misappropriation of Politically Correct by the Hegemony noise machine in the late '80s, as well as finding out if it was a Hamlet-style bit of {im)plausible deniability, I'd like to know. I just remember it appearing out of nowhere, and then being everywhere, like the story about the French grinding up dead babies to make cosmetics that is still repeated as if it were a fact...

2. Saying "I'm not going to get involved because I think everyone is equally wrong/stupid/insert-intellectual-vice here" is an act of aggression. It is an insult of staggering proportions, whether or not you think it is a mild, nice bit of handwashing. It is a boasting of apathy and pride, additionally, and it is, yes, taking a side. It is taking a side against, but that makes it Taking Your Own Side, setting up your own flag as a participant in the strife, charging in with guns ablaze at both sides, and you deserve every bit of blowback from both sides that comes your way. See also Aesop, The Fable of the Bat in the War of the Birds and the Beasts, for a tangent on this.

3. KC knows damn well that outing is wrong - I was one who tried to tell people that being pseudonymous was a matter of safety in that community for years before giving up b/c you can't talk to people who only want to hear their own heads roar. It's not just a "difference of online cultures," don't excuse it on that basis, there has ALWAYS been crossover and I am one of the points of it for longer than I've had this blog. There will be more on this later - oh, and if she chooses she CAN out me, out of vindictiveness, because back when I thought she was one of the good guys I applied to Tor when she was advertising for an asst. to her husband. So I do have a personal stake and risk in all this.

4. Those of us who blog under pen names do NOT do so with immunity, and we do NOT have carte blanche to say whatever we want without fear of repercussions. Half-a-brain-cell's thought on this will show exactly why, but I will spell it out later if need be...

5. If you are Nice in your face-to-face behavior but write filth and publish it (or don't, even), that is part of who you are. Your words are your thoughts and "what comes out of a man" etc. Also, just FYI again, a LOT of people are "nice" to their peers or those they want to try to impress, IRL, and right bastards to the people they regard as their social inferiors, like wives, husbands, children, boyfriends, girlfriends, or "the help." I've lived this since I was a tot.

5. If your behavior - including incoming link redirects! (NB: that goes to a mocking of a very recent example at alicublog, not a nasty redirect itself) - is indistinguishable from the rightwing chickenhawk batshit-crazy conservablogging brigade, then it's time to consider just exactly what side you're on.

I gotta go listen to and obey wingnut assholes IRL, sorry.