April 12th, 2009


Braced, but not as much as I could be--

Ever since the absolute wretched *catastrophe* that was Christmas family dinner at the [Redacteds] I have been personally boycotting all holidays this year, which is why I haven't done any holiday-related posts about any holidays from any tradition - I just haven't had the wherewithall to say anything cute/funny/solemn/otherwise-appropriate about any sort of social chronological conventions this cycle. (Yes, it really *was* that bad, at least on top of everything else this year. That's why I didn't post about it.)

Anyhoo, the next bit of Mandatory Family Togetherness is coming up within the hour, and I'm trying to reach the plateau of detachment where I can cope with the endless sniping & dominance games, the conservativism, the table-pounding bad theology & worse apologetics, the cultural appropriation issues, the historical cognitive dissonance, the sexism, the classism, the thirty years of bad memories built into that house, and not have a public meltdown, as the price of Not Making Things Worse For Everybody, Particularly The Children. (Yes, staying home would definitely be MTWFEPTC, going by precedent.) So. Well. Yeah.

At least the anticipation will be over...