August 11th, 2009


Bwuh? Really--?

So female and/or POC writers are as out of place in fandom as, quote, corn in a potato field, an oak in a pine forest, a Black Beatle, a piece of lettuce in a ream of paper.

Let us repeat that: as a piece of lettuce in a ream of - white (!) paper.

Let's ignore the fact that Paul Di Filippo doesn't know squat about agriculture or forestry - it requires deliberate human intervention (& lots of it) to create a monoculture as anyone who knew about the history of farming in the Americas - or ever walked in a forest - would know! and that monoculture is EXTREMELY unhealthy ecology-wise and responsible for the spread of loads of plant diseases and other infections, something I know a little about living in an area where lumber as well as foliage is still an important part of the economy - diversity is a) natural, b) crucial for health in the wild; and leave aside the questions of whether or not this particular anthology would have been improved or degraded by a more diverse TOC.

Just listen to what the man said, and think about it.

Women in SF, FOC writing SF, are as categorically wrong as lettuce pretending to be [white] paper.


So. We don't belong in your whiteboys club, is that it? We're the wrong kind of being altogether to have any place in skiffy, hm? This is even more of the same kind of thing as saying that including Asian actors in a list of the hundred best actors would knock deserving American actors off the list, or that the only reason that orchestras keep on hiring men over women is that men are better musicians right up until it's proven by blind trial that they aren't--

Fine - it's not like mainstream SF prozine publishing is having any problems keeping subscriptions or attracting new ones, amirite? It's not like The Graying Of The Cons is a topic for angsty discussions these days, is it? So you won't miss us & our cootie-laden dollars at all then--

Seriously, I don't want to know anybody who feels this way. Just like the guy I was told not to be so harsh about b/c he was a WONDERFUL person apart from the way he treated & regarded women as subhuman, I don't see how someone who agrees with Di Filippo (who I at first mixed up in my head with Paulo Baciaglupi for the reactionary conservativism and the fact that I can't remember anything about any Di Filippo story that stands out at all) can possibly have anything to say that would ever be useful about anything, except maybe by accident.

--On a slightly happier note, I discovered via the fanart page of Wandering Ones an obscure and lovely webcomic, Eversummer Eve, done in the styles of Rumiko Takahashi and Alphonse Mucha. There's enough there for a nice long archive binge; the reason it's not 100% squee is that the author, Denise Jones, too, has had to let it slip due to RL economic pressures per her own comments...