August 15th, 2009


Soylent Granny Icefloe Bars, part 1

A stock photo of an ice cream sandwich, NOT a tasty Soylent Green frozen treat.
"Soylent Granny" coinage courtesy of dmsmilev.

I know a lot of people in Center-Left Blogistan have been baffled by the speed with which the "ZOMG! Obama's gonna kill your grandparents!" meme has been spread, and consider this to be a sign of something new in US politics, or at least something that only dates back to the Clenis Frenzy era - but "not so, but far otherwise," as I can well attest. Rupert Murdoch didn't create it, at all.

It goes back at least to the mid-Seventies, and is possibly older than that, though I don't know as I wasn't around then and haven't run across any examples of it from the Sixties or Fifties. It was part of the whole meme-package that was being peddled by the Old Guard, the Wanderer and the National Catholic Register and New Oxford Review and all those other conservative rags I've talked about before, some of which have folded or been recreated as other publications since - and those were the more mainstream, the least flaky then as now, make no mistake: we in our little anarcho-syndicalist (ie proto-Crunchy-Con) part of the rightwing pond thought that the Sedevacantists and the Bar Code Tattoo crazies (implanted chips, like Black Helicopters, were a later development) and the Birchers with their fluoride-in-the-water phobias were whackjobs, or at least most of us did at least publicly.

I didn't even know that anti-fluoridation panic in the US of A wasn't something that Stanley Kubrick made up as the most far-fetched example of unreasoning panic-mongering conceivable until I was in my mid-twenties, when I read a letter in the paper from someone who was still het up about it.

In the latter Nineties. Collapse )