September 5th, 2009


Quoting For Truth

Ad hominem is not a fancy Latin word for calling me names.

--Colin Meier

If I'd been a rich man's son,
Pay me my money down,
I'd sit on the river and watch it run,
Pay me my money down

Oh pay me, oh pay me,
Pay me my money down,
Pay me or go to jail,
Pay me my money down

--African-American poets, via Lydia Parrish, Maxfield's spouse, via Bruce Springsteen, ongoing instances in this country finally being noticed by the SCLM.

...But giving to each other, a community working within itself, has a very different texture and taste than charity displayed in lieu of any kind of self-aware apology. And one of the insidious effects of race is the perpetual doubt of the line between help and aid. This ties in with class discussions, of course: I’ve been frustrated before when talking to a cousin who is very well-off about why his helping relatives out monetarily is such a sensitive subject for us. "It’s just money", he says to me, disgustedly, and he will not know how clueless that statement sounds when you have at times cut yourself off from people because you cannot bear to constantly let them pay for your dinner, and cannot afford to pay for your own. No amount of scintillating dinner conversation can feel like adequate pay back.

--Deepa, who also references Augusto Boal, who was inspired by Paolo Freire, because everything connects in multiple ways.

"No one's ever conquered Washington politics by constantly saying "pretty please" to the guys trying to cut your throat."

--Bill Moyers, Oklahoman, ordained minister, and Emmy-winning American journalist for longer than I've been alive.