bellatrys (bellatrys) wrote,

Genre-Zombie says: I can has critic?

Because once these things get stuck in your head, the only thing to do is let them work themselves out, like a mild fever:

(Inspired by Ursula Le Guin's vignette in Ansible 240)

Who will save Serious Literature from the corrupting touch of Genre Fiction? Not Philip Roth - he writes AUs and knockoffs of Kafka fantasy!

(Blame it on the heat and the lack of full-time jobs for people with no more credentials than a liberal arts B.A. - the more stressed out I get, the weirder I get, which is admittedly not a terribly helpful response...)

Note: as of 11:30 EST this morning there is a new & improved version, with only a slightly-foxed cover, and you can click here for the hires pdf chapbook edition.(4MB)
Tags: art, fandom, humor, le guin, literature, satire, zombies
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