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Nothing New Under The Sun

(the ARX acta diurna)

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ARX is called ARX because I wanted something that would be evocative of the City and have martial - but defensive - overtones. Most of the standard terms for fortress like castra or castle are essentially occupation bases. Praetorium means a headquarters, but it's official government - exactly what we're not. When I found the word that meant both a defensive shelter and one of the Seven Hills specifically, it clicked, particularly given the tense relationship between Rome's governing classes and the increasingly-disenfranchised populace. We're still paying for Rome's mistakes - even as we build on Rome's foundations and try to lay claim to her laurels.

Consider this, then, a neoclassical monument to Rome, the Marble Arch of ARX, where I get to rant on the fly from the rostrum and you get to rant back from the corner of the park, where the ghost of the gallows and police surveillance remain just outside of living memory...

Some ObRefs explained:

Odd Lots is my own website, fandom related, specifically Middle-earth fanfiction oriented. Why Odd Lots? Most accurate description, I'm afraid. I sometimes refer to it as OL for shortness. It's entering onto its third fourth incarnation, hosted by the wonderful cheap paid host Digitalspace. I cannot say enough good things about them, and if you want specific testimonials please feel free to email me. as Digitalspace has gone to the dogs since its acquisition by Jumpline and finally crossed the last threshhold by blowing off my objections about them changing my billing setup without notice and refusing to fix it after repeated requests - I am in the process of moving to Hawk Host, which is what Digitalspace used to be, and seems to have a better long-term business and expansion plan. It will now be oddlots.flyingship.net, and links to OL pages and files should be able to be made work by replacing "digitalspace" with "flyingship" in the near future, as I am in the process of relocating the site and making the internal links work again. There are several hundred links to fix, so it won't be right away, I'm afraid.

("The Script" is the Leithian Script, a sprawling fanfiction retelling in dramatic form of the Deed of Beren and Luthien, which should have been done by now but RL intervened in the form of things like war and so on.)

My other nom-de-guerre is Philosopher At Large, which is abbreviated to P@L. That's the original one. Unfortunately a lot of forms won't accept an @ sign that isn't part of an email address, so I had to come up with another one for sigs. Hence "bellatrys." All the same persona.

At the Sign of the Unhinged Mind is the Odd Lots posting board, a simple freeware one. Some of this is crossposted, there are a number of "usual suspects" not all of whom say anything, but who are all an important part of this corner of the Grand Internet Bazaar.

Orrery is the part of OL that was first set up to hold non-fandom related rants. A sort of discreet conference room, so as not to disturb the other visitors. ARX is too big for Orrery, which might be considered as a kind of geopolitical society's reading room, where ARX is the jury-rigged headquarters of a revolutionary movement...

The Arthedain Annex is where I deal with Peter Jackson's films, the second and third only, I'm afraid. Be warned, I am not a fan. If you're likely to be really upset by this sort of humor/combat dialectic/analytical deconstruction applied to them, you might want to steer clear of arthedain.

"A Bloody Mess" is even more incendiary than arthedain, the place where fandom and Orrery collided, in the specific instance of Mel Gibson's Passion. I'm a Taoist Christian (RC) and I really don't like badfic. It gets very personal, and very graphic, which is why there are warnings, but it was the preface to ARX. There's a crash course in Middle East politics, a crash course in millenarial dispens--Apocalyptic Morons™, and in the usefulness of mindless submission to emotions as well as authority to the secular Powers That Be.

(And yes, I am an eccentric, obsessive weirdo - and? If you're here from the FW, - the Pied Piper greets you. [waves] --If that meant nothing to you, count yourself very, very lucky.)

If you have other questions - there's always email, it doesn't cost anything, and I try to answer it.